We are a gastronomic software for Restaurants, Coffe Shops, Dark Kitchen, Stores and more. We have more than 150,000 users throughout Chile and Latin America.

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Over 1,500
Restaurants and minimarkets all across Chile have already implemented Toteat.

We also have restaurants and minimarkets operating with us in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Perú

Restaurant owners share why they choose us every day.

A complete solution
specially designed for restaurants


With Toteat your POS is now mobile. Printing guest checks, separating or splitting bills for each guest is one swipe away on your smartphone or tablet.


Receive information in an easy and user-friendly way, that allows quick decision making in order to boost profit margins and save time. Have access to current sales as well as sales history.

In your hand

Find out what's happening in your restaurant anytime and from anywhere. With Toteat you can view sales reports, inventory status, cost information and much more in real time from your smartphone.


We are sure you know the importance of good inventory control. With Toteat you will know exactly what stock you have, what needs to be purchased, as well as the cost of your recipes, so that you can apply efficient pricing strategies.

Does your business only offer Delivery or Take-Away?

We have the software that you need.
For only $59 a month, access a platform with all of the administration features of a POS, but that will also allow you to reach your customers' door quickly, have control over your orders and develop strategies to increase your profits.

The Convenience
of the Cloud

Want to modify prices from home? Yes, you can do that, and a lot more.

To know what's happening in your restaurant, with Toteat Restaurant Manager all you need is an Internet-connected device. View sales figures, product sales, table occupancy, inventory, payment methods and much more.

Work offline

If the Internet goes down, you can keep working on a previously configured local network. You only need a good router and for customers' orders to keep coming. Click here for the requirements to work offline.

Faster and more efficient processes

Save precious time in order-taking, ticket printing, payments and administration, so that you can focus on providing the best customer experience.


Show me how it's done


With Toteat, your restaurant data is safe and secure. Data is synchronized to the cloud so you can always access it, even if your system's hard drive fails.

Everything in real time

Toteat delivers the following in a visual, user-friendly way, in real time:

Sales reports by shift, date range, per hour and/or by categories.
Cash register closing reports with details on payment methods and ending cash.
Detailed payments report, visibility over order details and order items.
Server sales, product details and tips.
Daily transaction journal details, for accounting purposes.
Management Dashboard: Sales, table turnover rate, top selling products, average ticket price, etc.


We are a part of your team

First-level support is included in your monthly rate

Our mission is to improve the life of the restauranteur, and we do it by combining innovation, simplicity and first-class service. Learn more about Toteat Support

Save money with
inventory control

Never run out of stock again. With Toteat you can check inventory in real time, track products, vendors, units and prices from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Know what to reorder and when, without spending time updating spreadsheets.

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