The best thing
that could happen to your restaurant

Get to know your customers

Toteat Restaurant Manager has a built-in Customers module, that allows you to capture your customers' contact information as well as order history.
When customers place a reservation or delivery order, it's possible to see when their last visit was, how much they spent and which menu items they ordered. Then, on your customers' next visit, you can offer them their favorite food & drink, or even a new suggestion based on their tastes.

Order taking
has never been this fast

Your server staff loses valuable time running back and forth to the kitchen and bar - time that could be spent on helping your customers. Now the server staff can send order tickets from a smartphone or tablet directly to the kitchen and bar from the tableside, this way they can focus their energy on better serving your customers.

  • Choose number of guests.
  • Separate menu items by prep center or priority
  • Send comments on order tickets, by item or table.
  • Server staff can issue guest checks.
  • Online Inventory allows for quick identification of low-stock or out-of-stock items

Guest checks
and cash registers

Customers want payment processing to be quick, with Toteat it's easy to satisfy them. Server staff can print guest checks, split the bill for each guest, assign payment methods and much more.

Separate bills for each guest

Allows many payment methods per check.

Allows multiple receipts per check.

Print separate bills.

Discounts on specific products or on the order total.

Fiscal Receipt certified for Epson, IBM and Bixolon fiscal printers (Chile).

Special interface for fast order taking.

Easy to manage

Add a menu item, create specials, tag out-of-stock products and change price lists in just seconds. Make changes from your tablet and propagate them automatically to all terminals in use. The best part is, you don't even need to be at your restaurant to do it. Just connect to the Internet, sign into the app, and you're ready!

From day one

We are part of your team. We have different implementation set-ups according to your needs. What doesn't change is our commitment in getting you up and running with Toteat in your restaurant. We accompany you at your location from day one, to make sure that you have the best experience from the start.

Let's set up at my restaurant!

Your best employee

Do you know who your most efficient server is? Our reports allow you to see who is sells more, who gets better tips, and who achieves a higher table turnover rate. Interesting, right? You are one click away from finding out who's your star employee, and who could use some training.

Everything in real time

Toteat gives you processed data on your administration, in real time. Access reports from your smartphone, which will help you make better decisions and increase your businesses' efficiency.

I want reports on my smartphone

Features for restaurant, delivery, and take-away.

You won't need different software to give the best service. All of your customers, in one place.


When customers call in, you'll be ready to give them great service and most important, arrive quickly at their location. With Toteat, you can save multiple addresses and phone numbers for each customer, and access maps to optimize your driver's delivery route.

With Toteat you will also know if your marketing campaigns are working, since you'll have visibility over sales and customer behavior by area.

Did free delivery work for this or that area of town? Find out.


From anywhere, check how daily and weekly reservations are going, who's making reservations, their tastes and their average spend.

Know who your best customers are and the behavior of reservations, so that you may design strategies to make them more profitable.

Our module can be integrated with your web site and Facebook page, so that customers can place online reservations easily and quickly.


We want you to have the best experience while using Toteat. In order to achieve optimum performance, the hardware you plan on using should meet some minimum requirements.

Tablets &

Additional devices, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 8 or newer. Tablet or smartphone running Android 4.2 or greater with 1GHz dual-core processor, Google Chrome version 50 or newer.


Thermal ticket or receipt printer, with USB and/or Ethernet interface and Windows drivers. For the print server, a PC running Windows 7 Pro 64 bits or newer is recommended ("Home" and "Server" versions of Windows are not supported). For fiscal printers (Chile only) we recommend using Epson Fiscal printers.


High quality wireless / 3G router, for good wireless coverage throughout the restaurant.


5 mbps Internet with Wi-Fi, or greater


For order taking purposes, a computer running Windows, OS X or Linux, with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, 4GB of system memory (RAM), and Google Chrome version 50 or newer.

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